"There is power in the story you are afraid to tell."

David M. Torrence is the founder of KP Cares Foundation Inc. As a first-generation college graduate from University of Central Florida (B.S Kinesiology) and Liberty University (M.S Sports Management), David's passion is to serve and be of service to his community. As an investor and philanthropist, his mission is to give back by showing those of the African diaspora how to gain financial freedom through the stock market. 

David's love for sports is the tale of who he is. Through many years of both playing and coaching sports, David learned dedication, discipline, and teamwork.  It is these same characteristics that made him a successful investor and trader. The game of investing was told and not sold to David. Thus, he has taken on the duty of passing this skill set to the next generation. 

As a writer and creator of the "Soular Searching" poetry series, David leaves his mark on the world through his words and transparency. To live a life fulfilled through services and work is the foundation David lives on. Transformation is the aim of his every act. 



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